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The Moscow Stock Exchange has begun trading on the Turkish lira.


The Moscow Stock Exchange has begun trading on the Turkish lira.

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In a written statement made from the stock exchange, the transactions started on the Turkish lira and about 1.5 million rubles from the first day said.

The statement given to the views of Moscow Exchange Money and Forex Markets General Manager Igor Maric, the expansion of tools for the forex market, participating in foreign trade operations between Russia and Turkey the bank’s customers, and pointed out that provide new opportunities for investment companies.

Russia and Turkey reminded that between the volume of foreign trade increased by 40 percent in 2017, 20 billion dollars now Maric, “Foreign Currency Russian ruble market of the Turkish lira development of direct purchase, in mutual agreement to encourage the growth of the role of the national currency.” found.

The Moscow Stock Exchange is currently trading on dollars, euros, pounds sterling, Swiss francs, Hong Kong dollars, Chinese yuan, Belarusian ruble and Kazakh tenge.

The Moscow Stock Exchange started trading on the Japanese lira as well as the Turkish lira.



Turkey, the highest increase in both monthly and annual basis, house prices increased by over 4 percent in general have been living in Balikesir. Rents also rose 7 percent in a year. Aydın was the champion in the rent raise.

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Everyone’s dream is to be the host. But that dream is getting more and more distant, prices continue to rise. housing prices in Turkey increased by 4.02 percent in December compared to last year. According to the “Reidin Real Estate Index”, the highest price increase was seen in Balıkesir with 2.04 percent. On an annual basis, Balıkesir ranked first with an increase of 26.9 percent, followed by Giresun and Edirne.


In December, prices for branded residential projects on the Anatolian side of Istanbul were 0.16 percent; On the European side, it rose 0.46 percent. The rate of sales to foreigners decreased by 1 percentage point and the share of housing sales to foreigners in total sales was 3 percent. Looking at the purchases by housing types, it is seen that 3 + 1 houses are preferred most.


The down payment utilization rate in December was 31 percent, bank loan utilization rate was 34 percent and the bond usage rate was 35 percent. 18 percent of the houses sold in December were finished and 82 percent were unfinished house stocks. The inventory melting rate was 3.9 percent, above the average of the last 6 months. As for Turkey, covering the lease of the city-wide 68 “Turkey Rental Housing Price Index”, according rents 0.16 percent in December from the previous month, while compared to the same period last year increased by 7.19 percent.

Rents increased by 22.57 percent year-on-year, while the city of Aydin, followed by Yozgat and Zonguldak.

In the mortgage market


In the mortgage market, it is important to remember that different banks offer various loan products to their customers through different campaigns. You can review the interest rates, charges and YMO rates using the same parameters for each bank through Finzoom.

Change in loan interest rates
Finzoom Annual Average Cost Ratio, which was 14.30% in September 2015, climbed to 15.47% in October 2015 with interest rate hikes.

Consumer Loans October
In October 2015, interest rate hikes in housing loans were also observed in consumer loans. Interest rates continued to rise despite the declining credit volume and the many different campaigns offered. In the coming period, banks will gradually start offering new year promotional products to the market. In this period, consumers who plan to use consumer loans should follow the campaign products.

With the observed interest rate hikes, Finzoom average YMO reached 21.92% in October 2015 from 20.48% in September 2015. Minor discounts are expected in the coming period with the launch of new campaigns in interest rates.

According to the BRSA’s credit data


According to the BRSA’s credit data, the banking sector credit volume decreased by 4 billion pounds in a week fell to 1 trillion 426.9 billion pounds. Despite this decline in the credit market, banks continued to increase credit interest rates. In October 2015, although the housing loans offered by banks were offered under the name of different campaigns, interest rates continued to increase.


The increases observed in Finzoom YMO rates are likely to continue in the coming period. Moreover, according to the monetary and statistical data released by the Central Bank on October 16, the total credit volume in the said period was announced as 1 trillion 426 billion 851 million 951 thousand. 129 billion 442 million of them received housing loans.


Among the banks participating in the Finzoom Monthly Average index, the highest YMO increase was observed in Denizbank for 3.1 months with a maturity of 120 months and TL 100,000. Finansbank, Akbank with 2.40% and Anadolubank with 2.37% were among the banks with the highest interest rates. The current interest rates on housing loans can be found in the Finzoom housing loans comparison section.


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Following the interest rate increases of TL 100,000 and 120 months, according to Finzoom YMO, the bank that offered the most appropriate housing loan interest rates in October is seen as VakıfBank with 14.27% Finzoom YMO. The second place is Halkbank with 14.45% Finzoom YMO rate. You can examine the interest rates and YMO rates of housing loans from the table below.





Tüfenkci mentioned that they are obliged to give warranty to the companies which sell or sell second hand motor vehicles in the subject of warranty for a certain period or kilometer from the date of sale to the parts of the vehicle such as engine and transmission, and made the following evaluations:


“When he buys his car from the gallery or a business engaged in this business, goes 5 or 500 kilometers or doesn’t break down after 5 days. We didn’t fully clear the mileage limit, but it’s a reasonable period of time, not a mileage guarantee that will force second hand traders.


Maybe both time both the mileage guarantee 10 thousand kilometers or 6 months, 1 year according to the age, according to the level to be given the standard, everyone has to accept the warranty if it sells defective it must specify it, second hand trade may also be the bodywork failure, repair may be required In this draft, we also regulated the obligations of the notaries in the sale of second-hand motor vehicles. buy Work with the mandate, the search for other documents necessary to perform sales transactions and have brought the documents to be presented this requirement.


In the next 15 days at the latest Prime Minister, will be referred to be published in the Official Gazette. ”


Obligation of Warranty for Second Hand Vehicles


Minister of Customs and Trade Bülent Tüfenkci, second-hand motor vehicle sales or intermediaries of the sale of businesses, such as the engine and gearbox parts of the vehicle for a certain period of time or mileage from the date of sale will be obliged to provide a guarantee by stating, ” should not break down the mileage limit, but it will be a reasonable time, not a mileage guarantee that will force second hand traders. ” said.

Tüfenkci, in the meeting held in Autonomy, “Second Hand Motor Vehicles Trade Draft Regulation” made statements about.

Abroad zero he imported but considered to be used by the EU legislation, vehicles, big trouble TÜFENKÇİ reminiscent out in terms of customs regulations in use in Turkey, observations made customs authorities, some of the tools that confiscated, and some that were followed, said that some of the rides of the investigation. Tüfenkci reported that vehicles brought from abroad reached the second, third, or even fourth hand after entering the country, where they faced practices that led to the victimization of well-intentioned third parties.

TÜFENKÇİ is said that they will investigate this issue, “it threatened by this legislation in Turkey there were about 40 thousand vehicles. They completed the examination of a part and pulled customs parking; he continues the investigation and prosecution of a part. With Latest Release bag law, the sector There was a great demand … We felt the need for an arrangement in this area, and by making the arrangement in a short time, we realized. ” he said.

Important Notices to Avoid 2


When you shop online


When shopping, choose known and trusted sites. Perform transactions on devices you trust, protected by current anti-virus software. By typing the address of the site you want to enter into your browser, you can prevent malicious software hidden in such links.


Make sure the addresses of the websites you are redirected to via SMS, e-mail, social media, or search engines, belong to your bank and be sure to check their certificates. Do not rely on e-mails or cards that require your card and personal information, even if the bank logo and name are used, on sites that appear to be owned by banks.


Finally, beware of fraudsters who try to use social networking sites to obtain security-critical information from you (card information, password, Confirmation Code from your phone, disposable password, etc.).


Because it is extremely difficult to be sure that someone is the person he / she introduces to on the Internet, never share important information for your safety.


Important Notices to Avoid Fraud in Card Payments


The Interbank Card Center (BKM) issued iler Safer Steps in 3 Steps ”to enable card users to make fast, easy and secure payments before the upcoming holiday.


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Here are the steps that BKM lists the points to be considered:

POS use


“Make sure that when you give your card for payment, it is not passed through any device other than a POS device, that you take it back after making a payment and that your card number is not noted.



Do not get help from people you do not know when processing ATMs, if you suspect a specially placed device in the ATM you’re trading immediately notify your bank. If your card is stuck in the ATM, you should call your bank immediately from your own phone and do not leave the ATM without having your card closed. Be careful with people who want to help you in such situations.

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